Rachel claims that she was sexually abused as a child and then seven years ago, her abuser showed up at her house and demanded she follow his orders. Now, she claims she’s being sex trafficked, where she has to leave her house in the middle of the night to meet with men.
Her husband says he had no idea this was going on, and has never heard her leave the house or seen it on home security footage.

“This is one consideration that you have to make, any time someone is entering a dissociative state – and people do this when they’re under great stress, or anxiety, or being tortured, or raped -- they simply leave their consciousness, and they go to a whole other world, a whole other awareness, as a way to cope,” Dr. Phil tells Rachel. “There is the possibility that this is a very tortured reality in your mind but not in the real world.”
Hear more of Dr. Phil’s thoughts -- and Rachel's response -- in the video above from Tuesday’s episode, "'My Wife Claims She is Being Mind Controlled.'" And, check local listings to see where you can watch more of Rachel’s story.

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