Two months after her husband of 14 years passed away in 2012, Sebrina says she met “James Connor” on a dating website. During her first appearance on Dr. Phil, the then 56-year-old said that although they never met in person, she was in love with “James” and planned to marry him someday. She also admitted that she had even given “James” more than $250,000 to help finance his building projects.

Sebrina’s daughter, Sarah, said she was at her wit’s end because she was certain her mother had given away her life savings to a catfish.

After speaking with Dr. Phil and hearing his harsh words for “James” when he called Sebrina during the show taping, Sebrina said she realized she was being scammed. But did she cut off communication with “James” after the show? In the video above, Sarah gives Dr. Phil an update on her mom.

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