Clare, a 21-year-old from New York, says she tested positive for the coronavirus in early March. She says being responsible, she told her family and friends but was met by some with interrogation and harassment.

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“It felt like I was branded for something that I couldn’t control,” Clare tells Dr. Phil on Tuesday’s episode.

Dr. Phil offers her advice. “When people are really afraid of something, and it’s an invisible something … then they try to find something that they can point to, something that they can make the target of their fear,” he explains. “You were a scapegoat.”

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Hear more of Dr. Phil’s advice for how Clare can move forward with the people who reacted negatively in the video above.
On Tuesday, hear from a woman who claims she was verbally attacked, kicked at, and chased down the street by a man who accused her of spreading the coronavirus because of her ethnicity. Check here to see where you can watch.