Access to street drugs has become increasingly easier through the internet and social media – and now you can even have drugs delivered to your home. However, buying unregulated drugs can be a death sentence, because you have no idea what the drugs are actually made of. 
“They’re playing Russian roulette,” Dr. Phil says of the dealers who make these drugs. “This should be criminal because this is foreseeable … This is homicide.”

Dr. Laura Berman and her husband, Sam Chapman, recently became victims of these street drugs when their 16-year-old son, Sammy, took a pill that they suspect was laced with fentanyl and passed away.
“It’s not considered an overdose; it is considered fentanyl poisoning. When it is not intentionally taken, it is poisoning and murder,” Dr. Berman says.
Dr. Berman and Sam are speaking out about their tragedy to raise awareness for parents of the dangers their children may encounter on social media. Watch more of their story on Monday’s episode, “Celebrity TV Doctor Warns Parents after Son’s Quarantine Overdose.”

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