Karla says her daughters, Kourtney and Kelly, don’t believe that she’s in a relationship with actor/director Tyler Perry, but she claims she’s been married to the film star for nearly three years. Karla also claims she is the biological mother of Perry’s 3-year-old son – even though she acknowledges she’s never met him face-to-face.


Claiming that Karla has been conned out of nearly $100,000 since becoming involved with her catfish Kourtney and Kelly claim their mother was devastated following her divorce from their father, and say that’s why she was vulnerable to being deceived online.

“It is not possible that he’s fake. I wouldn’t be here doing this. I’m not that type of person to waste my time,” says Karla, adding, “I love Tyler.”

Why does Karla say she believes there’s only “a very small chance” that the person her daughters claim is “catfishing” her isn’t the “real” Tyler Perry?

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