Travis Scott “superfan,” Billy, says he can no longer support his musical idol after the horror he witnessed at the artist’s Astroworld Festival in Houston. Hundreds were injured, and ten people died since the November 5 event in which throngs of fans pushed toward the stage, crowding, crushing, and trampling others.

“It was a fight for survival,” says Billy, noting that the crowd was “tight,” and there were barricades set up that would prevent people from easily exiting the area near the main stage. “It was just way overpacked, and there were no safety measures in place.”

Jesus says he also noticed the barricades earlier in the day and attempted to warn other concert-goers to move out of the area, saying, “It’s going to get packed; you might want to go to the back.”

On Thursday’s episode, “Trampled and Traumatized: Astroworld Aftermath," Dr. Phil speaks with eye-witnesses, survivors, and others who say the Astroworld tragedy could have been prevented.

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