Cydney admits she was addicted to cocaine all the while her daughter, Dakota, was growing up, but says she eventually stopped using. When she relapsed two years ago, Dakota was taken out of her care. “I knew going into court that they would drug test me,” she says. “I immediately lost custody of Dakota that day.”

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Dakota says at first she was placed in a private home. “The couple that I stayed with were alcoholics and took heavy prescription medication. They had firearms all over the house. I would wake up all the time and they would be screaming and arguing.”

Claiming she was terrified, Dakota says she called her caseworker who found her a placement in a group home. “It was like a prison,” she says of the group home. “We had to clean, wash – all our phone calls were monitored.”

Now back at home with Cydney, Dakota is currently facing charges for possession of alcohol and drugs that could land her in juvenile detention.

Where is Dakota’s father, John, and how does Cydney respond when Dr. Phil questions where she learned her parenting skills? Tune in to Monday’s episode.

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