Abby Honold says she fought back against fellow University of Minnesota student, Daniel Drill-Mellum, who assaulted her, she says, just an hour after they were introduced at a football tailgate party in the fall of 2014.

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In an interview with Abby airing this Tuesday, Dr. Phil asks, “Was there a point where you thought you were going to die?”

“I did when my vision started blacking out,” she says. “I immediately thought of my siblings, my younger siblings and I was very, very, very scared about what was about to happen.”

She says Drill-Mellum raped her twice in that time, and that “the entire second rape I was fighting him. I was kicking. I was pulling. I was pulling up on the rungs of the bunk-bed trying to pull myself up and trying to get away, and I think he just sort of gave up, luckily, at some point - and he just sort of laid back down on the bed and he said, “’This was fun.’”

Abby says she ran – but that Drill-Mellum “kept trying to talk to me about how I should come back, how I should snuggle with him.”

“It was confusing to me because what had just happened seemed so violent. It was like everything that my mother had ever warned me about; you know what I mean?”

She says she got dressed, grabbed her things – and ran out of the apartment.

Drill-Mellum was not prosecuted for Abby’s rape for over a year. Eventually, he pleaded guilty to two counts of criminal sexual conduct and was sentenced to serve six years in prison.

On Tuesday’s Dr. Phil, learn how Abby says she felt shamed by some male police officers who initially responded to the 9-1-1 call following her assault. And what does she say an emergency room nurse told her about her injuries on the day she was raped?

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This episode contains sexual content. Viewer discretion is advised.

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