In July 2011, Allison’s (then) boyfriend, David, stabbed her daughter, Lauren, over 20 times. While the six-year-old lay in her bed, Lauren’s twin sister was just feet away.

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Describing the morning of the stabbing, Allison says she woke up to the sounds of her daughters screaming. After forcing her way past a barricade into the twins’ room, she says she fought him off, but David continued to attack her child.

“It was worse than anything I’ve ever seen in any horror movie,” says the grieving mom who describes trying to perform CPR on her daughter, all the while fighting off her assailant. “It felt like I was living one. He just kept coming back and coming back and coming back. And After I did have to stab him, he went down and I thought he was done – and he just got back up again, and he just kept coming.”

Though he admitted to killing Lauren, a judge ruled that David was not responsible for the child’s death “by reason of mental disease or defect.” He was sent to a mental hospital for treatment.

Lauren is survived not only by her mother, Allison, and twin sister, but an older brother, and her father, John, as well. Can Dr. Phil help get this family on a path to healing? Tune in to Friday’s episode.

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