Deena says she has banned her daughter, Karenna’s, former boyfriend, Tommie, from her home. Deena claims that Tommie is abusive toward Karenna and that she has the proof on video. Karenna insists that Tommie is not abusive. She says she fell and injured herself while trying to get back into Tommie’s car after exiting the vehicle outside her mother’s home.

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“The neighbors across the street have videos that made it look like I got dragged or was purposely getting hurt,” says Karenna. Both she and Tommie claim he was not aware that Karenna was trying to re-enter the car, and that her injuries were an accident.

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Deena says, “I don’t believe that was an accident.”

“To anyone who thinks I did this on purpose, I just want to let you know it wasn’t on purpose, and you don’t know my heart,” insists Tommie.

When Dr. Phil reviews the video and shows Deena what happened, does she walk back her claims?

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