Ingham County Michigan Circuit Court Judge Rosemarie Aquilina is no stranger to high-profile legal cases involving doctors who abuse their patients. She presided over the 2018 Team USA Gymnastics sex abuse scandal, sentencing former team doctor and Michigan State University physician Larry Nassar to 40 - 175 years in prison on sexual assault charges.

Judge Aquilina, who advocates for the survivors of sexual assault, says that grooming, gaslighting, love-bombing, and ghosting are used by doctors and others to manipulate victims.

“It’s predatory behavior. It’s a betrayal of trust,” says Judge Aquilina in the video above. “They want control. They enjoy having this heightened glory over another human being.”

This episode of Dr. Phil, “Groomed and Deceived by White Coat Predators,” airs Tuesday. Check your local listing for airtimes.

This program contains sexual content. Viewer discretion is advised.

WATCH: ‘It’s A Betrayal Of Trust,’ Says Michigan Judge About Doctors Who Commit Sexual Assault On Patients

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