Richard admits that he physically abuses his girlfriend, Jourdon. He even says that he feeds off her taking the beating from him. He says that one time, he beat her so badly, he kept her in a hotel room for two weeks while she healed.

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In the video above from Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil, Richard claims that as a child, he was abused and that he is now filled with anger that grows every day.

“It’s a terrible thing what I’m about to tell you, Dr. Phil,” he says. “It’s not my fault. I want to say and accept, ‘Hey, it’s my fault. I need to go to prison.’ But you know what? I don’t, and it’s not my fault.”

WATCH: Woman Claims Daughter’s Boyfriend Beat Her So Badly He Kept Her In A Hotel Until She Healed

Hear what Richard says is his greatest fear. And, hear from Jourdon and what she says about Richard’s behavior.

On Friday, Dr. Phil offers advice to Richard and Jourdon. Check here to see where you can watch.

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