Shelby reached out to Dr. Phil after she learned her father, David, had met and married a woman online.
David was also sending a “lawyer” $1,500 a month to help his “wife,” “Maria,” receive her $10 million inheritance that they would use to live a happy life together.

Shelby said she feared her father was being scammed or catfished.
Dr. Phil determined that “Maria” didn’t work where she claimed to work, or live where she claimed to live and shared the information with David. Dr. Phil also revealed the true identity of the woman behind the pictures that David had received and thought was his “wife."
After the taping, David reflects on what he learned about “Maria” and his relationship.
“I’m really crushed, just heartbroken,” he says.
Hear more of his thoughts in the video above. And, hear what Shelby says about her father.
This episode airs Monday. Watch more here.

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