Danielle and Ryan say after four-and-a-half years of marriage, they’re on the verge of divorce. The couple, who has a 2-year-old daughter, say Dr. Phil is their last hope to save the relationship.

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Ryan says that among other problems in the marriage, Danielle became a sugar baby and began dating other men for money. He’s claiming he only agreed to it because she threatened to divorce him if he didn’t.

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Danielle denies Ryan’s claim. She insists she only signed up to be a sugar baby because Ryan got them into debt. Danielle also claims that Ryan not only agreed to her becoming a sugar baby, but he also participated by texting other men on her behalf.

“Does it bother you that that would be OK with your husband?” Dr. Phil asks Danielle in the video above.

“No,” responds Danielle, adding, “Because it’s not a real relationship. It’s just faking it for money.”

Ryan adamantly denies Danielle’s assertion that he texted men for her. Watch Wednesday’s episode to hear from the one person Danielle says can verify her claim.

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