Vanessa says her 90-year-old mother, Fiona, who has tested positive for COVID-19, resides in a nursing home that has been overwhelmed with deaths related to the coronavirus.

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“It’s been a tough road,” she says, noting that restrictions at the facility mean she hasn’t been able to visit her mother in weeks. Additionally, says Vanessa, she was initially unable to get any information about Fiona’s illness. “It’s just the worst fear - not knowing,” she says.

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Vanessa says she has since been able to speak to her mother and get regular updates on Fiona’s condition, which, she says, has been getting worse. She says the professional staff who have taken care of her mother for years, “are amazing people.”

Dr. Phil producers reached out to Fiona’s nursing facility for comment on their early inability to communicate with the families of the residents in their care in a timely manner. What do executives at the nursing home say happened to dozens of their staffers that left them with a severely diminished ability to respond? Watch the video above to hear Dr. Phil read the administrator’s statement.

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