Angie and Hunter say their 15-year-old son, Rivers, controls their household. The couple claims he refuses to go to school, screams obscenities at them and has acted out violently toward them, and their younger children, ages 12 and 4.

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“It’s like being held hostage in your own home. And as long as you do what he says, nobody gets hurt,” says Angie.

She says their ongoing struggles with Rivers have affected their marriage. “We even had a plan of me living in an apartment, separate from the man that I love, just so we can have peace for everybody.”

She says either she and Rivers would live together, and Hunter would raise their younger kids, or vice-versa, “just so that someone could have all of their attention on Rivers and the other two could live in a peaceful environment.”

“For some reason or another, we’ve got the tail wagging the dog,” Dr. Phil tells the couple on Thursday’s episode. “We’ve got a kid here that is determining things that a kid should not be determining.”

What options does Dr. Phil propose to help Hunter and Angie regain control of their teen?”

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