Pastor James Maddox claims he’s witnessed strange activities and bizarre behaviors from members of the Church of Wells community for years. The East Texas clergyman whose own church sits adjacent to the Church of Wells property describes his interactions with some members of the group.

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“I feel that there’s trigger words that when you’re talking to these people, they’re, something sets them off,” he says.

“You see their eyes glaze over,” he continues. “You see their total demeanor changes. It’s like you’re no longer talking to a person but more kind of like a zombie state.”

“I witnessed it twice,” claims Patty Groves, whose daughter, Catherine has been living in the Church of Wells community for most of the past five years. She adds, “Of my own daughter, and then of another young man at the Texaco and I asked him about his mother; if his mother knew that he was there.”

What else do Pastor Maddox and Catherine’s parents claim they’ve witnessed at the Church of Wells compound? Plus, hear what Jordan Reichenberger, an Austin-based minister, claims he experienced firsthand while living lived at the Church of Wells compound in late 2016.

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