Terese claims her 32-year-old daughter, Kristen, has an addiction to alcohol.

“She drinks to get drunk. She opens a bottle of vodka and she drinks it until she gets plastered,” says Terese, claiming her daughter has been drinking since she was 18 years old,, and had three DUIs before she turned 21.

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Terese says Kristen moved in with her after receiving her fifth DUI and losing her license two years ago. She claims Kristen’s drinking is so bad that she hallucinates, has fallen asleep on the side of the road, passed out by her car in a mall parking lot, and once - came after Terese with a knife.

“The violence that Kristen creates is ripping me apart – it’s ripping our family apart,” she says. “She tells me I should just ignore her – let her be drunk. How am I supposed to do that? It’s my daughter – I don’t want to watch her die.”

“They think they have control of me. I’m going to show them they don’t,” says Kristen of her drinking. When she says “I’ll do this just to piss them off,” how does Terese respond?

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