Wendy is a subscriber to the Truthfully Trisha video channel on YouTube, where the host, Trisha, live streams much of her day-to-day life. Trisha says some of her subscribers are “haters,” claiming Wendy is one of the people who bully her online.

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Wendy claims Trisha is the one who bullies others, using YouTube as a platform “to tell terrible lies about people,” and ruin their lives. When Wendy alleges that Trisha had a hand in the suicide of a woman several years ago, which Trisha vehemently denies, a loud argument erupts between them.

“Ok. We’re done. You’re out,” says Dr. Phil to Trisha, who has been cursing at Wendy. He then asks both women to leave the stage.

Exclaiming, “It’s not fair, Dr. Phil!” as she’s being escorted off, Trisha collapses to the floor, sobbing.

Her husband, Sean, objects to laughter from the audience saying, “This is the part of the problem – this is funny to everybody.”

“They’re laughing about the absurdity of this,” replies Dr. Phil, who says if Trisha doesn’t get up, he’ll excuse the audience and call the paramedics.

“That means she’s not going to get the help that you need her to get because you’re going to let her play this histrionic game here,” he says.

Is Sean able to help Trisha recover herself? Tune in Tuesday for part two of this two-part episode. And if you missed part one, catch up here. Find out where you can watch here.

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