Video content creator “Agent Sebastian” claims he’s doing a public service by confronting shoppers in parking lots and reminding them to be socially responsible when they fail to return their shopping carts to the cart corral. The founder of “Cart Narcs” says he posts videos of the encounters with people he calls “lazybones” online to remind others to be more considerate in public.

Tromaine says he was running errands in December 2020 when he became the subject of one such encounter with “Agent Sebastian.” He claims he was illegally detained when the social media personality blocked his vehicle with a shopping cart.

“This guy has to be really careful with what he’s doing because he’s going to meet the wrong person, and this can get real ugly – real quick.”

Tromaine says he was further outraged when he learned that Sebastian shared his image online without permission a few days after their run-in.

When Tromaine tells Sebastian, “It’s not good to go around and push people’s buttons,” how does Sebastian respond?

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