Gabe admits she used heroin while pregnant with her daughter, Avery, but says she got sober a few months after giving birth. She says she raised Avery for two years, but following a brief relapse 14 months ago, she claims that she’s been back in recovery for the last 10 months. Gabe claims it’s time she was allowed to raise Avery, but her mother, Becky, who is Avery’s legal guardian, strongly disagrees.

“She’s not even close to ready for this,” says Becky, alleging that Gabe continues to make bad decisions, which Gabe adamantly denies.

Becky says she doesn’t trust Gabe to make good decisions for Avery - or for herself - and claims that Gabe refuses to visit regularly by phone or video conference the now 3-year-old child, who lives across the country.

“I want a relationship in person with my daughter,” says Gabe, adding, “It hurts me to see pictures and videos constantly when I’m not being allowed to be involved in her life.”

When Dr. Phil says, “But it’s not just about you - it’s about her,” how does Gabe respond?

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