Jennifer and her husband, David, claim their 12-year-old daughter scratches and hits them, destroys their property, and is very angry. David says that he sometimes even has to physically restrain her. 

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“The biggest danger that I see in this whole thing is you are allowing a 12-year-old aggressive child to set the tone,” Dr. Phil tells Jennifer and David on Thursday’s episode. “A 12-year-old child is outthinking two intelligent, mature adults to the point that we’ve got the tail wagging the dog here. She’s calling the tune to this whole thing.”

WATCH: Parents Say 12-Year-Old Daughter Is Angry, Reactive, And Physically Attacks Them

In the video above, Dr. Phil reviews video of some of David and his daughter’s interactions. 
On Monday, hear from Jennifer and David’s daughter. What does she say she wants from her parents? Check here to see where you can tune in.

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‘I’m A Little Dumbfounded,’ Dr. Phil Tells Guests

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Playing ‘I’m A Little Dumbfounded,’ Dr. Phil Tells Guests