Atif Rafay claims that he and his best friend, Sebastian Burns, were manipulated by authorities into falsely confessing to killing his parents and sister in 1994. This, in spite of testimony that they weren’t at the crime scene at the time murders took place and evidence that someone else may have killed Atif’s family. The two men, who were teenagers at the time of the killings, are currently serving multiple life sentences.

“It’s supposed to be innocent until proven guilty and beyond a reasonable doubt,” says Jason Flom, board member at the Innocence Project and host of the podcast Wrongful Conviction with Jason Flom. “There was overwhelming doubt from day one. There’s airtight alibis, there’s no physical evidence – and yet, they zeroed in on these kids.”

Watch Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil, “Anatomy of A ‘False Confession,’” to hear how Atif claims he and Sebastian were coerced into making their false confessions by law enforcement officers posing as mobsters during an undercover operation. And later, hear from Kelly Loudenberg, a documentary filmmaker and the director of Netflix’s docuseries The Confession Tapes, who tells Dr. Phil why Atif and Sebastian’s case is one of the most difficult stories she has told.

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