Venessa claims her 14-year-old son, Michael’s, “hostile and aggressive” behaviors have been escalating since his father died by suicide in 2019. She says he has broken windows, doors, and walls, and that he is unpredictable and out of control. Venessa’s boyfriend, Alex, father, Christopher, and her aunt Colleen all claim they’ve been the target of Michael’s angry outbursts.

Michael says he’s been “a little depressed” and “not really happy” since his father died. He admits he sometimes gets “blackout” angry to the point that he does irrational things. He claims that’s because his mother pushes his buttons which Venessa adamantly denies.

Erin Pash, co-founder of Ellie Family Services and a marriage and family therapist says her company will create a team to help Michael and his family “address individual traumas that are contributing to the chaos” in their home.

“It’s up to you. You choose the life you want,” says Dr. Phil to Michael in the video above.

When Dr. Phil says, “I believe in you – don’t let me down,” how does Michael respond?

This episode of Dr. Phil, “’Terrorized By My Teenager,’” airs Monday. Check local listings to find out where you can watch.

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