Melinda claims that Vicky and Darlene have harassed and bullied her online for over a year. Vicky and Darlene say it goes both ways. They claim Melinda banned them from an online support group for survivors of the 2016 wildfires in Tennessee. Melinda claims they’ve accused her of lying about losing everything in the fires, then soliciting donations online.

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Melinda denies the allegations. She says she banned Darlene and Vicky for disrupting the support group that she created and spreading lies about her. She claims someone else started the fundraiser for her after they’d assumed she’d lost her home, and she put an end to it when she found the residence was still standing.

Melinda claims the two women have continued to dig into her personal life and her finances and lie about her online. She claims Vicky even made death threats against her, which Vicky vehemently denies.

“I’ve done nothing to you and you know it,” says Vicky to Melinda, on Friday’s Dr. Phil. “OK, yes I’ve been rude. Yes, I’ve probably called her a few names, but my God she deserves it. She’s done this all to herself,” she adds.

“I think that as long as we both agree to stop as of today, I think we’ll be OK,” says Darlene. When Melinda accepts Darlene’s apology, and the two publicly agree to end their feud, how does Vicky respond?

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