Hal says that living with Auto-Brewery Syndrome (ABS) is “not fun,” and it’s not like “a walking party.” He says the medical condition, which causes his body to produce ethanol without drinking, can leave him dangerously intoxicated – make him hallucinate, fall, become verbally and physically aggressive, and often leaves him with little to no memory of what’s happened during a flare-up.

Hal’s son, Tristan, recently moved home to help take care of him. Tristan says that there have been noticeable changes in his father’s personality and ability to communicate and that “Things have gotten so bad that I’ve had to physically restrain my dad about 15 times.”

“Thank God he’s there to restrain me because I don’t know what I’m capable of,” says Hal.

Hal’s long-time girlfriend, Stephanie, says that Hal has injured himself and has repeatedly been in trouble with the law due to his ABS-fueled behaviors. What do she and Tristan say are their biggest fears if Hal’s condition is left untreated?

This episode of Dr. Phil, “Belligerent and Blacked Out But Not a Drop to Drink,” airs Friday.

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