Janet says she was a drug addict from the time she was 16. “I started out with cocaine, but I’ve also used heroin and opiates,” she says. The now 57-year-old admits she’s made “a lot of bad choices.”

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Janet’s daughters, Aja and Ashley, say they had a horrible childhood because their mother was addicted to drugs. They claim their mother brought them up around criminals and firearms.

“When my children were growing up they were more like a burden to me. It was inconvenient to have them around because I was trying to use,” says Janet. Currently drug-free, she claims she hasn’t used for over 15 months.

Aja says her mother has been living with her and her husband, Andy, off and on for eight of the past 10 years. She says she’s tired of Janet’s “mooching” and wants her to leave but says she won’t get a job and refuses to move out.

Janet says she’s trying to figure out the next step in her life but doesn’t know how to take the next step toward being truly independent.

When Dr. Phil offers to set Janet up with a life coach and vocational counselor to help her learn how to live on her own, does she accept?

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