Professional skateboarder, stunt performer and television personality Bam Margera rocketed to fame in the MTV reality show Jackass. The 39-year-old says it was when he joined the cast of Jackass that he began drinking and abusing other substances.

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In the video above, Dr. Phil asks, “Did you get to a point where you knew you were drinking too much?

WATCH: Dr. Phil Answers ‘Jackass’ Star Bam Margera’s Call For Help

“Yeah,” responds Bam, adding, “Before, it was like a fun party where it was like ‘let’s go get messed up and do some crazy stuff.’ Then, it just became a point to where I felt so terrible in the morning that I knew if I instantly would crack open a beer, I would feel better.”

In early August, 2019, after being thrown off a commercial flight for allegedly being too intoxicated to fly, Bam, who adamantly denies the claim, posted numerous videos to his Instagram account, publicly asking for Dr. Phil’s help.

Tune in to the season 18 premiere of Dr. Phil airing Monday, to find out why Bam Margera’s mother, April, claims it was the death of his friend and costar Ryan Dunn in 2011 that exacerbated her son’s alcohol abuse.

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