Menachem Silverstein is a Jewish writer and comedian who says he and a friend were openly targeted while sitting in a coffee shop right after rapper and entrepreneur Ye (Kanye West) made antisemitic remarks on social media.

“What looked like a normal white guy walked past us, and he just very loudly said, ‘there’s another Holocaust coming for you Jews,’” says Menachem.

Journalist John Kunza says what Ye posted has a direct line to the language used by antisemites throughout history. “We tend to think it’s just these words,” says Kunza, “But we forget, at the end of these words, at the very end, are dead Jews.”

Watch the video above to hear more from the Mayor of Beverly Hills and the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, Lili Bosse, and Sunda, a Black and Jewish entertainer, about their experiences with antisemitism.

This episode of Dr. Phil, “The Renewed Hate That Kanye Created,” airs Tuesday. And later, Dr. Phil talks to a Rabbi who speaks up about her experiences with antisemitism. Plus, find out what the Black Jewish Justice Alliance has to say about Kanye’s comments.

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