Jodi Arias was sentenced to life in prison for the gruesome 2008 murder of her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander – but at least one juror from her case says she thinks Arias deserved a much more severe sentence.

While Arias, who was 34 at the time of her sentence in April 2015, will have no possibility for parole, juror Holly tells Dr. Phil that the jury basically agreed Arias should be sentenced to death – except for one lone holdout juror.

On Monday’s Dr. Phil, Holly talks about the jury’s deliberations and how this trial ended with another hung jury.

“Except for ... one juror, that is certainly entitled to her opinion ... you believe [Arias] would’ve gotten the death penalty?” Dr. Phil asks. “Everybody else believed that this was an evil, intentional, premediated act?”

“Definitely,” Holly claims. “Absolutely.” She continues, "[I]n my opinion, Jodi and her defense team were manipulating her.”

Holly also talked about Arias' courtroom demeanor toward the jury during the trial.

“She definitely tried to make eye contact with us. She definitely didn’t seem like the Jodi from the pictures that we were seeing,” she says. “She definitely looked like a little librarian-type, and I think she really wanted us to focus on her to look at her and think, ‘I’m a real person. I’m not this monster.’”

But does Holly think Arias had any remorse over Alexander’s death?

“None at all,” Holly says. “I truly believe that if Jodi didn’t get caught or if she was ever released that she would do it again.”