Judge Rosemarie Aquilina, who works in the Ingham County Michigan Circuit Court and sentenced Larry Nassar to up to 175 years in prison, joins Dr. Phil on Wednesday’s episode, along with three men who claim they were sexual assault victims of Dr. Robert Anderson at the University of Michigan, to share her thoughts on the Michigan sex abuse scandal.
“These gentlemen should have been spared if somebody would have listened 40 or 50 years ago,” Judge Aquilina says. Everybody knew, and there were silent co-conspirators, bystanders, who enabled this to continue, and continue again and again and not value children.”

Hear more from Judge Aquilina, including what she says are similarities between the Nassar and University cases, in the video above.
On Wednesday’s episode, "U of M Sex Scandal: What Did the Football Coach Know?" coach Bo Schembechler’s adopted son claims Anderson abused him, too. What did Bo know? And, hear from Trinae Gonczar, who survived abuse at the hands of Larry Nassar. Plus, one of the men shares how he feels about the recently reached settlement with the University. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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