Kala Brown claims she was chained in a pitch-black, metal container for two months, barely able to move. She claims Todd Kohlhepp chained her by the hands, feet and neck and only let her out of the container when he would rape her, which was twice daily.

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But Brown says she knew that if she pleased Kohlepp and didn’t try to run or hurt him, she would have a good chance of surviving – and she says she knew she would be found because her family would never give up until they rescued her.

In the video above from her exclusive interview with Dr. Phil airing Tuesday, Brown describes the day of her dramatic rescue.

“The lock kept making noise at the door. And then I heard somebody’s voice, and I couldn’t say anything. I couldn’t breathe. I panicked because he said if I ever heard someone outside and I made noise, he’d kill us both. And I didn’t know what to do,” Brown recalls, of hearing people outside the shipping container in which she was contained. “Finally, I heard people talking and I realized it was somebody there to help me and I started screaming.”

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Watch the video above to hear more about her rescue, including why she says she was scared. Watch more from this episode here.

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Kala Brown Claims Alleged Abductor Made Shocking Confessions To Her