On April 16, 2001, Christian Henton was killed in a drive-by shooting. Three eyewitnesses identified 17-year-old Kiera Newsome as the shooter. Newsome was convicted of murder and sentenced to 60 years to life in prison but maintains that she is innocent.
Newsome was released after nearly 20 years behind bars, and she says her case needs to be re-examined – and she needs to be exonerated. She says that one of the key witnesses has changed his story.

“He’s now saying that when he received the lineup, my face was already circled,” Newsome says. "It took me over 10 years to get over what it was that he did to me.”
Hear from the key witness in the video above. And, Newsome says how she was able to find forgiveness.
On Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil, "19 Years Lost: I Am Innocent," Dr. Phil examines Newsome’s case. Hear from her new attorneys and her former teacher who says Newsome was in class all day the day the murder took place. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

WATCH: Teacher Claims There’s No Way Kiera Newsome Committed Murder; She Was In Class All Day

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