Blake and Marla’s mom, Stacey, claims she has been hacked for the last five years and that someone is sending pictures and messages to her devices, burning out modems and turning on electronic equipment in her home. The siblings say they are unconvinced of their mother’s claims because nothing has ever happened to them.

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“My mom is paranoid. She’s worried,” says Blake. “I live in the same house, and my phone has never been affected by it. I’m a little skeptical of the severity of not only the hack but the nature of it.”

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“My mom lives on the edge. She’s obsessed,” Marla adds. “I think that she went onto a website, and she got a virus, and the virus has stayed with her.”

Hear more from the siblings in the video above. And on Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear from Stacey and what she claims is proof that her devices have been hacked. Plus, see what Dr. Phil uncovers after having possession of Stacey’s phone for 10 days. Check here to see where you can watch.

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What Dr. Phil Discovered After 10 Days With Phone Woman Claims Is Being Hacked