Progressive District Attorneys, like Los Angeles County DA George Gascón, are under scrutiny for what some claim is a pro-criminal agenda that emboldens criminals, leaves residents unsafe, and victims abandoned. Eric Siddall is a current Deputy District Attorney in Los Angeles County who claims that Gascón has hijacked the DA’s office and placed the rights of criminals above those of victims, in part, with bail reform and, in part, by allowing early release for violent offenders.

“The problem with these ideological prosecutors is, they have no plan what to do with these people once they get back on the streets,” says Siddall. “It’s really unfair. Not just to the victim but also to the defendant. Especially if the defendant has a mental health issue.”

This episode of Dr. Phil, ‘“How Safe Are Our Streets?’” airs Monday. And later, Dr. Phil talks to two guests who insist that criminal justice reform is needed to keep our streets safe while applying a more humane approach to those who are apprehended.

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