“Defund the police” is a highly controversial term that means different things to different people. To some, it means reallocating a portion of law enforcement budgets to expand resources by funding additional services in support of public safety. Others believe the term is a call to vastly reduce the presence of law enforcement in the wake of more awareness of and visibility into police misconduct and use of excessive force.

“I don’t think we should be pitting the victims of street crime against the victims of police misconduct,” says Thomas Abt, Senior Fellow at the Council on Criminal Justice and an expert in violence reduction. “We’ve got to be able to come together and say, ‘You know what? We can solve two problems at the same time.’”

LAPD Deputy Chief Emada Tingirides says, “We have to all be willing to come to the table and have these discussions about what matters most.”

In January 2022, the Council on Criminal Justice published Saving Lives: Ten Essential Actions Cities Can Take to Reduce Violence Now. Follow the link to read more about how government and community leaders can avoid polarizing political debates and promote peace and safety in their communities.

This episode of Dr. Phil, ‘“Danger on My Doorstep': America’s Safety Crisis,” airs Wednesday. And later, police resignations were up nearly 20% in 2021, while the number of officers who retired increased by upward of 42%. Efforts to attract new recruits into law enforcement also fell dramatically. How does Deputy Chief Tingirides respond when Dr. Phil asks, “What can we do to retain quality, experienced police officers?”

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