Retired LAPD Lieutenant, André Dawson helps train law enforcement to identify and respond to the victims of sex trafficking. Dawson, who once supervised the Los Angeles Metropolitan Human Trafficking Task Force and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Innocence Lost Task Force, claims any sporting event or other large event that attracts people with money is somewhere sex trafficking can be found.

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“This crime is an opportunity to chase money – wherever there’s going to be money – you’ll find a trafficker or pimp will bring a victim to that event to be exploited,” he says.

And, claims Dawson, there are no limits to how much or how long a victim might be subjected to the abuses of human trafficking, “As long as there’s an opportunity to make money that person is going to work.”

Why does Lt. Dawson say sex trafficking is so lucrative and its perpetrators so difficult to prosecute? And why does Kendall – a woman who claims she escaped an international sex trafficking ring – say she has a hard time trusting authorities? Tune in to Tuesday’s Dr. Phil.

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