Amanda and Junior say they want their 17-year-old daughter, Ollie, to stop stealing and being destructive. Junior says he no longer trusts Ollie and is ready to kick her out of the house, while Amanda claims she’s “tried everything” to get her daughter back on the right track and has now given up.

Ollie admits she’s been “disobedient and disrespectful” to her parents but says that’s because she believes she’s not important to Amanda and Junior. She says her parents were in and out of her life for years while they dealt with addiction and legal issues, and she feels like she raised herself.

“I think Ollie has had a raw deal. I really do,” says Life Coach Jackie O Brien, a marriage and family therapist at CAST Centers. Turning to Ollie, she says, “You may not be responsible, Ollie, for a lot of the things that have happened, but at this point, you’re accountable for your life moving forward.”

Ollie says she has dreams of becoming a cosmetologist but has yet to complete her GED. Does Dr. Phil have a plan to help Ollie reach her goals? Tune in to Friday’s episode, “Bad Teen or Bad Parents?” to find out!

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