John says he’s been a gambling addict for the last five years. He says he’s lost close to $60,000, has no job and can’t support himself or his girlfriend and three young sons. The 25-year-old lives in his parents’ basement rent-free and says, “nothing is required of me.”

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John says he’s ready to change but doesn’t know how.

Dr. Phil, along with Coach Mike Bayer, a life coach, author of Best Self: Be You Only Better, and member of the Dr. Phil Advisory Board, tell John the first step he needs to take is to get a job – and until he has one, his job is to be looking for a job.

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In the video above, Coach Mike lays out a step-by-step plan John needs to follow to change his life and to become a productive member of society, including turning himself into the casino where he gambles.

“This is what we call surrender to win,” Coach Mike says to John.

“You succeed by programming yourself for success,” Dr. Phil adds.

Hear more of their advice in the video above.

This episode airs Tuesday. Watch more here.

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