Alexis is accused of going on an interstate crime spree with her fiancé, Lance, in September 2019, and is facing possible jail time for her alleged role in the events. She says she believes she’ll get probation for her part in the alleged crimes, since she has no prior record, but insists she’ll stand by Lance, who could face decades behind bars.

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“He’s my positive person, and I’m afraid I’m going to lose the only person who actually listens to me,” she says.

WATCH: ‘We’re Like Two Peas In A Pod,’ Says Woman Accused Of Going On Interstate Crime Spree With Her Fiancé

After meeting with Alexis one-on-one, life coach Mike Bayer, CEO of CAST Centers and author of the bestselling book Best Self: Be You, Only Better, tells her, “You have a hard time setting boundaries.”

Does Alexis say she’s ready to make a change in her life?

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