Lois acknowledged that she was being scammed when she first appeared on Dr. Phil in 2020, then continued to communicate with and send money to her online fiancé, “Fred Adler,” who she says convinced her he was not a catfish.

When Jane first appeared on Dr. Phil in early 2021, she said that nearly everyone, including Dr. Phil, told her that her online boyfriend, “Jonathan,” was a scammer but said she didn’t want to hear it. She says she also continued sending money to him until the day she realized she was broke.

Jane says she regrets not listening to Dr. Phil about “Jonathan,” but Lois admits she is still involved with “Fred.”

On Friday’s conclusion of this two-part Dr. Phil, “Lois Meets ‘Fred’ Face-to-Face: Will She Finally Believe?” life development coach Mike Bayer asks Lois, “Would you rather meet a real person and go through everything it takes in a relationship or would you rather be in a fantasy relationship?”

Watch the video above to hear her response.

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Mike Bayer is a life development coach and Founder and CEO of CAST Centers. His latest book, “One Decision: The First Step to a Better Life,” is available everywhere books are sold.

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