Shelly and her husband, Oggie, say their home is in chaos, and their children run the house – especially their 6-year-old daughter, Madisyn – who throws tantrums, talks back, makes messes all over the house and refuses to clean her room.

Oggie claims that Shelly’s parenting style is “too aggressive,” while Shelly claims that Oggie doesn’t know how to tell their kids “no.” She says she’s tired of being the “bad cop” while he gets to play “good cop.”

Dr. Phil introduces the couple to life development coach and Founder and CEO of CAST Centers, Mike Bayer, who says it’s time to put a plan in place to restore order to their household.

“But let me tell you, when we put this plan together, your kids are going to have a reaction – and they’re not going to like dad as much,” he warns. “You have to be prepared for that and willing to go through that.”

Watch the video above to hear Coach Mike and Dr. Phil explain what pushback the couple can expect to see from their kids as they work to build a new family dynamic.

This episode of Dr. Phil, “Parenting Dilemma; Good Cop Dad vs. Bad Cop Mom,” airs Wednesday. Check your local listing to find out where to watch.

Mike Bayer is a life development coach and Founder and CEO of CAST Centers. His latest book, New York Times best-seller, “One Decision: The First Step to a Better Life,” is available wherever books are sold.

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