Twenty-one-year-old Nick quit school and left his hometown three months ago. Eventually, he says he hitchhiked over 2,300 miles to Los Angeles with no money, no phone, and no identification. He says he was pursuing his “call to greatness” to become a rap superstar.

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“I came out here to be an artist, to influence positivity, and to hopefully make something of myself,” says the former college hockey player.

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But, since arriving in L.A., a now homeless Nick says he has faced hunger and violence. “Living on the street, you’re going to get into some altercations,” says Nick.

Watch the video above to see what life Nick says he’s living on the streets of L.A. has been like for this transplant from the Midwest.

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Tune in to Dr. Phil on Friday to see whether Nick says he is ready to get off the streets.

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