Rebecca says her boyfriend of two years, Josh, is a “controlling narcissist.” She claims the man she hopes to marry one day has a long list of demands for her but that nothing she does is ever good enough for him. 

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“Josh makes me feel bad about myself because I don’t do things his way,” she says.

Josh admits that he has high standards for Rebecca but says he’s trying to teach her how to be a good wife and mother.

“She thinks I’m controlling because I tell her she has to do her job,” says Josh, who calls Rebecca “the housekeeper.” “She has to pick up. She has to do her share.”

Rebecca claims Josh has a lengthy list of demands for her, including that she must check in if she goes somewhere, she should blow dry her hair quicker so she doesn’t waste energy, she must pay for her own cell phone, cable and internet, and she should have supper ready and waiting for him when he gets home from work.

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In the video above, hear how Josh defends his behavior. And, how does he explain letting air out of the tires of their car and removing the battery, preventing Rebecca from leaving the house.

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