Trisha launched her YouTube channel, Truthfully Trisha, nearly a year ago, and claims she has nearly 2,000 subscribers. She says she live streams nearly every aspect of her life, and claims she has many supporters, and a few “haters” who she says call her names, stalk her and are trying to ruin her life.

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One subscriber Trisha calls a “hater” is Wendy. She claims it’s Trisha who has ruined others’ lives by making negative comments and revealing personal information.

“She uses the platform to tell terrible lies about people,” claims Wendy. “A few weeks ago, she made light of a woman’s presumed missing daughter, asking her how is she doing? She knew this woman was grieving. It was disgusting. Trisha called one woman pretending to be a nurse and asking for her medical information. Trisha once claimed that the husband of one of her trolls was running a pill mill out of Florida. Over the last few months, I have witnessed nasty arguments with her family.” Trisha denies her accusations.

Why does Wendy say she started following Trisha on YouTube? And what do Trisha and her husband, Sean, claim Wendy did to Trisha online?

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