“Living at my dad’s house is like living in a psych-ward. It’s actual living hell for me,” says Maria. She is one-fourth of a set of 20-year-old quadruplets; three who currently reside with their father, Tom.

According to Maria and her sister, Liz, the home is cluttered, in disrepair, and covered in trash, mold, and dirt. There are broken windows and the walls have holes in them, many of which Maria admits she put there herself. She says her dad is a “big reason” for her anger.

“As we were growing up, he was very aggressive,” she claims, admitting she carries a lot of resentment toward her father.

“I’m not going to win the ‘Good Housekeeping’ seal for sure,” says Tom when Dr. Phil asks him about the state of the house. How does he say it got that way?

Watch more from part one of this two-part episode, '“Quadruplets: House of Chaos!” airing Monday. Then, on Tuesday’s conclusion, “Quadruplets Face Off,” hear from Liz and Maria’s older sister, Antonia, who explains why she moved away from the family.

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