Kim claims her son, Sam, and his fiancée, Shannon, were raising their infant son, Conrad, in a house filled with mold, maggots, dirty dishes and beer cans strewn about.

Kim says that after seeing the living conditions, she took action to gain guardianship of her grandson.

“My son Sam, and his so-called fiancée, Shannon, are unfit, ill-equipped, negligent parents, and it’s been that way since Conrad was born,” Kim claims.

While Shannon admits she had some learning to do when it came to raising a child, she insists she and Sam are now more than capable of raising their two daughters and Conrad.

“Sam and I are not unfit parents,” Shannon says. “When I first had [Conrad], I was barely 18. I didn’t know how to vote, let alone be a mom.”

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But Kim claims there were repeated incidents, which raised her level of concern.

“Over and over again, I saw things that made me question Sam and Shannon’s ability to raise my grandson,” Kim says. “I would go over to their place and there would be dishes with mold, empty pizza boxes with maggots, garbage bags stacked up, nasty diapers, bottles that were full of fuzzy mold in the nipples. It was disgusting.”

Following Conrad’s birth, Shannon says she suffered from “post-partum anxiety” and it made life difficult at home.

“It was hard to connect with Conrad and made it difficult to clean and even just get up to take a shower because I was constantly full of anxiety,” Shannon explains.

Besides the living conditions, Kim claims her efforts to assume guardianship of Conrad were also fueled by what she described as Sam and Shannon’s volatile relationship.

“Sam and Shannon were constantly fighting, breaking up, getting back together and poor little Conrad was stuck in the middle of all of it,” Kim says.

“Sam and I fought a lot back then, and we admit that,” Shannon notes.

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But while the young parents agreed to sign over guardianship of Conrad to Kim when he was just 6 months old, they claim they thought it was only a temporary situation, and they say they were unaware the documents they signed granted Kim permanent guardianship of the child. Now, nearly five years later, Sam and Shannon say they want their son back.

“When we signed that agreement, we didn’t really read it through, because we trusted her,” Sam says of his mother. “She tricked us.”

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