25-year-old Samantha and her 3-year-old daughter live with Samantha’s parents. Samantha’s mom, Lisa, claims she takes care of her granddaughter most of the time. “My husband and I provide 24-hour child care. Because Samantha knows we’re here, she takes advantage of it.” She says Samantha pushes her “to the limit” and she doesn’t know whether to keep helping her daughter, or tell her to move out.

“Living with my mother is toxic,” says Samantha in the video above. She claims her mom is controlling, and that their relationship is “beyond dysfunctional.” She also says Lisa is critical of everything she does - especially when it comes to how Samantha raises her daughter.

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Lisa says, “She lives in our home, so what better person to get advice - than from your own mother?”

Samantha says she wants to move out, but claims her mother is “like an anchor” and holds her back, saying “She doesn’t think I can do it alone.” She says things are only getting worse between her and her mom due to the daily bickering and fighting, and that her daughter sees all of it.

Can this mother and daughter put an end to their arguing and learn to get along for the sake of Samantha’s daughter? Tune in to Monday’s Dr. Phil. Click here to find your local listing.