Sasha says she invited 125 people to attend her wedding, but her guests arrived at the venue only to be turned away because her fiancé had not paid the vendor. She says she found out her wedding was canceled over the phone - as she was getting ready – and then, she says, her groom just disappeared.

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“What happened to Sasha was mortifying,” says Sasha’s maid of honor, Martha.

WATCH Why A Bride Whose Fiancé Didn’t Show Up On Their Wedding Day Says She Might Marry Him Anyway

Her mother, Georgette, says, “It caused my family a lot of pain and embarrassment.”

Bridesmaid, Katisha, says, “I just want to see her get back on her feet, and see her spirits lifted.”

Sasha’s friends and family don’t know that she has been talking to her ex again. When she reveals she’s thinking about taking him back, how do they respond?

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