Sasha’s ex abandoned her on their wedding day, but she says, “I still consider my fiancé the love of my life.”

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She says he’s since apologized to her and claims he wants to make it work, but she says she’s conflicted about taking him back.

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“One day I love him, I forgive him - the next day I’m furious,” she continues.

When she tells her friends and family what she’s been thinking, Sasha’s mother, Georgette, says, “Ten years of your life you lost because of him.”

“The only way you can actually move on is if you cut him off,” advises Sasha’s friend and former maid of honor, Martha. “You can’t forget what he did to you and how you felt,” she adds.

Will Sasha listen to them?

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Dr. Phil To Woman Whose Fiancé Abandoned Her On Their Wedding Day: ‘You Are Grieving The Man You Wish He Was, Not The Man He Is’